Monday, 26 December 2011

Colour Palette #1

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

Throughout my blog, I am going to be doing a series of 'Colour Palettes'. I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to kickstart my creativity when it's been stuck in a hole for a short while.
One of the best ways I find to get inspired is to just grab my iPhone, and go take 10 totally random photos with it. No thinking, no dissecting. No running before I walk. I then put them together, and see what happens. Something may, something may not. But sometimes, it's just what's needed to inspire a new colour scheme, or just change my mood or outlook.

So here's the first I'd like to share with you...aptly named 'Colour Palette #1' (now if that's not inspired, I don't know what is!). All of these images were taken with my iPhone, in my back garden. It's amazing where inspiration can lurk - sometimes you may have even been staring it in the face...

The colours that sprang from the board are (left to right) - a cool dark brown (#332d21), an intense teal (#293d3b), a warm grey (#b6b8b0) and a fresh and uplifting blue (#a2c2bf).

I just love the contrast of the chocolate and blue tones... it's somehow rustic yet warm and cosy. Until I decide to use this palette in my designs, here is a fabulous Etsy find for you to feast your eyes on...

This gorgeous reclaimed wooden box frame with cute chair card by 'jerseyicecreamco' is the perfect example to show how well this palette works - you can purchase by clicking on the image above.

Happy Creating!

Cerries x

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